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Outdoor activities. Making Events Greener.


If you’ve ever been to a large event such as a beer fest or music festival, you’ll know that they’re not very clean or tidy. After hours and event days of intense partying being held in a huge space, several thousands of plastic bags, cups, paper plastic, polystyrene boxes, aluminium cansand other things are left behind to be cleaned up. Invariably, many of these end up in the environment, such as trees, bushes, rivers, lakes and fields. These may seem like basic necessities for an event so large, and it may seem like too much to take the sustainable route, but there are ways to make them greener in a very easy way.

“Leave no trace” means nothing to some people – the mess left at The Lion’s Den, Boomtown 2015

How Could Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Help?

People go to music festivals for a lot of reasons: to see their favorite bands, to burnish their Instagram feed, enjoyed their casual food to sweatily camp out under the stars.

It takes a lot of time and money to clean up after a music festival. It is not just the responsibility of the organisers to clean up the land.

We think food packaging should not only be stylish and practical, but eco-friendly too.

Our philosophy is to simplify waste sorting and make it easier for consumers to implement environmental responsibility. Food and packaging are compostable, and people only need to throw the finished food waste into the compost bin. After the festival is over, cleaning up the trash becomes a simple job, which does not require deep classification. The waste management company can carry out the subsequent composting of these wastes.Biodegradable packaging ideas, like this, could certainly help reduce the waste and eco-impact of all kinds of biggest festivals.