Usage Occasions

Which Compostable Plates Should You Choose for Your Party?


For occasions such as brief family dinners, picnics, get-togethers, and basically any outdoor event, the best alternatives to regular ceramic or glass plates are disposable tableware. They are easy to use, practical and extremely convenient for these types of occasions.

Due to the increasing concern for the environment, conventional disposable tableware is being replaced with bio-degradable tableware that is made from materials such as bamboo, palm leaves, grasses and waste obtained from sugar cane.  These eco-friendly plates when discarded will biodegrade quickly, thereby serving as compost for growing plants.

You should make use of compostable dinnerware instead of non-degradable ones so as to contribute your quota to saving the environment. Unlike the Styrofoam or plastic tableware made from petroleum products or paper, the compostable tableware has immense benefits to the environment; they occupy a lesser percentage of landfills. In addition, you do not have to wash a ton of dishes because they are disposable and you will be doing the environment some good.

The bamboo plant grows very rapidly and also gets degraded within six months, thus making it a great choice for making disposable plates. After being used, the plates can be added to a compost heap and they will be biodegraded in four months or six months at most.

Why are the Bamboo Fiber Plates Suitable for?

This type of disposable plates can be used for outdoor events such as casual garden weddings, pool/garden bachelorette parties, conferences, picnics, birthdays, barbecues, quick family meals, and almost any occasion.

Bamboo fiber plates beautiful, attractive and stylish when used and they complement any type of casual food.

They are very sturdy, leak-proof, heat resistant, and microwave-safe. They are thick and can be used to hold liquid and also for serving both hot and cold food.